The Most Important Startup Roles You Need To Fill

This eBook explores which startup roles strategically position your company to be successful as it grows,
and offers insight into what kinds people will effectively fill those roles.


Look at you, crushing the startup game. You’ve made it to the growth and establishment phase, and you can finally afford to hire some full-timers. But how do you know which startup roles are going to help get you to the next level? And more importantly, even if you did know the roles, how can you tell who’d be a great fit for each one?

These are critical questions when you're ready to make the leap and hire your first employee - but it’s also where we come in.

This eBook outlines 6 startup roles that can help round out your company as it grows. When you hire your first employees, you're designing a startup structure that can scale alongside your business. In this eBook, you'll discover why each of these roles are critical to the longevity of the organization. Think of this eBook as your HR advisor, but better because you don’t have to give up any equity.

Here’s what you’ll get with your free download:

  • Insight into 6 key positions in a small business that can help the company grow effectively
  • Personality traits that you’d typically see from people who are successful in each role
  • Access to our Candidate Persona Template, to help sketch out the ideal profile of each role as you build your startup structure and prepare to hire your first employee

Discover the critical roles you need for startup greatness.


Design a startup structure that's built to last:



Identify key positions in a small business that focus on critical elements of your company's success.


Explore traits that make candidates successful in each role. Match them to the goals of your business.



Gain access to our Candidate Persona Template and start designing profiles for the startup roles you want to fill.

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