10 Common Interviewing Mistakes 



Avoid these interviewing mistakes to avoid a costly hiring mistake!
10 Common Interviewing Mistakes

10 mistakes you can't afford to make

Although the hiring process can be fun and exciting, it can also lead to additional stress and pressure in your already busy schedule. Sometimes, all you want is to fill the position so the team can get back on track. Unfortunately, some of the easiest mistakes to make during an interview can have lasting effects on your team and your organization, and can ultimately lead to hiring the wrong candidate.

As a human resources professional, part of your job is to help your hiring managers navigate the recruitment process and find the right candidate. Make sure they avoid these 10 common mistakes and you'll be a long way down the path towards success.

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A quick glance at some of the mistakes covered in the article 

Being Unprepared

Sometimes, interviewers feel like they can wing it. They can't.

The Halo Effect

Don’t let one factor influence everything else.

Judging on Surface Qualities

Stop jumping to conclusions based on appearance or mannerisms.

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