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Discover how the University of San Diego leveraged McQuaig tools to help students obtain practical career direction and increase the probability of employment in roles that stimulate long-term retention.

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Hiring From A Distance

Remote hiring can be just as effective as growing your team in person, but that doesn't mean you can do everything exactly as you would in the office. There's a skill to remote hiring that great HR professionals or hiring managers take into account when embarking on a fully online search. From how you communicate with candidates, to your strategy for interviewing, to how you onboard in a virtual environment, changing your talent acquisition approach to work in a virtual setting can help you hire faster and more effectively next time you need to fill an open role.

BMC employed job benchmarking for a diverse collection of real estate career paths: brokers, property managers, financial analysts, researchers, etc.

Students received their own personality assessment and compared their profiles against the benchmarks, to determine which career opportunities they best fit.

Since implementation, more than 300 students have received personalized job matching and guidance for a successful career in real estate.

This assessment can be as important as grades, where you went to high school, what your GMAT or SAT score is. Maybe even more important.

-Stath Karras
 Executive Director, Burnham-Moores Center for Real Estate
 University of San Diego

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