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Calculate the cost of employee turnover, recruiting costs, profit per employee and much more. Discover how personality assessments can reduce costs and boost your team's productivity.

Workbook for startups to calculate recruiting costs and cost of employee turnover

Can personality assessments actually help to reduce recruiting costs?

Entrepreneurs need to see ROI quickly so they can make decisions quickly. And they need to know that their decisions are based on reliable information. Research has shown that personality assessments (also known as talent assessments) can lower the cost-per-hire, raise productivity, and improve employee retention and engagement. But how do you analyze these cost reductions in a way that’s meaningful and specific to your company?

This free eBook helps to answer that question for startups, and includes the steps you need to visualize how much can be saved by using personality assessments. This eBook provides formulas to:

  • Calculate cost of turnover
  • Calculate cost per hire
  • Calculate profit per employee

Discover how assessments can help optimize your hiring processes and supercharge your team's productivity - and see how these improvements can benefit your bottom line!

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Measure the value of talent assessments


  • Cost per hire
  • Employee turnover
  • Employee productivity
  • Revenue per employee
  • Customer retention


Analyze your ROI in a way that’s clear and easy to understand. Get to know the benefits of using personality assessments.


Hire the right people, keep them around, and watch as productivity starts to climb. Discover how the tools become even more efficient over time.



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