Cognitive Ability Test

Make clever decisions when filling positions

The McQuaig Mental Agility Test (MMAT)

General cognitive assessments are widely accepted, highly regarded aptitude tests that measure a candidate's ability to acquire, retain, organize and apply information in a variety of circumstances. 

The MMAT was developed to aid in employee selection decisions. Studies consistently show that measures of general intelligence are among the very strongest predictors of job performance across all job levels, occupations, organizations, countries and demographic groups.

Recruiting with the MMAT

  • Assign a test to your short-listed candidates
  • Review the reports to get a general understanding of their score and what it means for on- the-job-performance
  • Compare the candidates’ results to your benchmark for the role 
  • If your preferred candidate is not a good match, or scored poorly, additional probing in follow up interviews and reference checking may be required

Creating Benchmarks for Existing Roles with the MMAT

  • Test existing high performers in specific, or similar roles
  • Identify the average scores of these top performers
  • Adjust the score up or down based on further analysis of the role
  • Compare all future candidates to this benchmark
  • Test lower performing employees in the same job for comparison

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A Must Have For Hiring Managers 



Timed 15 minute test


50 Questions


Improved job performance predictability


" The MMAT is regarded as a valid measure of work-related general intelligence with an emphasis on a candidate's capacity to quickly work through complex functions. "

MMAT Instructor, McQuaig Institute