The Ultimate Guide to Employee Onboarding


A stage-by-stage look at how to master employee onboarding
Ultimate Onboarding Guide

Become an Employee Onboarding Guru 

We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars each year acquiring talent. We spend time on employee surveys and engagement strategies, training, and development. All in the name of creating a happy, loyal and productive workforce.

Despite all the time and money invested, though, many companies short-change one of their most important investments. It’s a task, when done correctly, that will improve retention, increase employee engagement, improve productivity and have a real impact on your company’s bottom line. I’m talking, of course, about onboarding.

In this eBook you can expect to learn:

  • Key stages of an effective onboarding program
  • Onboarding best practices for each stage
  • Simple action lists to make your next steps easy
  • Tips on how to use assessments to personalize the onboarding experience

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A must-have guide for successful organizations  

We’re going to explore the stages of an onboarding program and share best practices that will help move your new hires along and keep them engaged.

We’ll also include tips on how to leverage your understanding of an individual’s temperament or personality to help you create a more personal experience, thereby increasing the likelihood of success, and how you can use a tool like The McQuaig System to improve each stage of the process.

As a special bonus, we have a custom section on onboarding for executives and what you need to do differently for these folks to protect your investment and ensure their success.

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" We recommend a 12-month onboarding process and that’s how we’ve structured this book with tips for the four key stages "

Client Success Manager, The McQuaig Institute