Personality Assessments For Hiring Infographic

Download the infographic to discover how personality assessments can help unlock your employees' full potential. Discover the 3 levels of assessment and explore how various hiring strategies can affect the accuracy of predicting on-the-job success.

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How can personality assessments help improve your quality of hire?

53% of new hires fail because the employee's attitude or personality isn't adequately suited for the role. It can be hard to predict on-the-job success without an adequate hiring toolkit, but many organizations continue to rely on strategies that don't paint a full portrait of job candidates. And while these traditional hiring strategies accurately predict on-the-job success about 25% of the time, there are additional methods that are almost 3x as effective.

Download our infographic to discover:

See the impact on performance and culture

Discover how assessing the personality of a potential new hire can reveal their performance potential, the likelihood of staying with your company for the long-term, and their impact on company culture.

Learn about the three levels of assessment

Get acquainted with the three levels of assessment and identify potential gaps in your current hiring processes. Explore how personality assessments can fill in any gaps you find.

Unlock your employees’ full potential

When used correctly, behavioral or personality assessments can lead to better hires, higher levels of performance, job satisfaction and a reduction in employee turnover.

Reinvigorate your hiring process by adding assessments to your tool kit. 

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