McQuaig Job Analysis Worksheet

Build job profiles, develop benchmarks, and hire with more confidence using this worksheet from McQuaig

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How do I find my next top performer?

Whether you're hiring for a new role or creating succession plans for key roles within your organization, an important component of finding the right person for the job lies in being able to compare candidates against a target.

Use this worksheet, and one of the three methods outlined within it, to create that target and find your next top performer. Based on the McQuaig Job Survey, the Job Analysis Worksheet looks beyond basic job requirements and helps to build a comprehensive view of any job.

The resulting job profile can be used when assessing candidates, to more clearly see how they may perform in the role and in your organization. It can also be used to spur on professional development and advancement for current employees.

Use this worksheet in one of three ways: 

Individual Method
One person completes this worksheet to develop a profile for the role in question.

Stakeholder Method
Multiple stakeholders complete the worksheet individually, creating a composite profile.

Top Performer Method
A top performer already in the role completes the worksheet to define the ideal candidate.

Don't leave hiring to chance. Use this worksheet to stay ahead of the curve. 

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