The McQuaig Manager's Coaching Cheat Sheet



Identify the different personality types within your team. Explore strategies to effectively coach and communicate with employees who embody each personality type.
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How do I communicate effectively with each member of my team?

Have you ever sat down for a discussion with one of your team members and had the conversation go completely sideways? Or wondered why you seem to be able to get through to one employee, but not another?

This cheat sheet from McQuaig is an at-a-glance guide to identifying your employees’ unique personalities (also known as their natural temperament). You’ll also see tips for adapting your communication approach to each personality type, so conversations can be more productive.

By understanding how your employees naturally communicate and work, your interactions with them can be more fruitful. Use the Manager’s Coaching Cheat Sheet to make communication more efficient – and more meaningful.

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Understand how to connect with different personalities

How They Present

What kind of actions or behavioural qualities will they demonstrate?

The Do's

When communicating, what speaks to them the most? How do they interpret what’s being said?

The Don'ts

What should be avoided when communicating with them? What might be unproductive?
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" The McQuaig System helps me ensure clarity with the hiring team on the specific attributes they are seeking. The Job Profile is an objective data point created from their input, which, when combined with the candidate’s profile, gives the manager a deeper level of insight in making their ultimate hiring decision. "

Tom Fuller, CEO and Managing Partner