McQuaig 360 Leadership Review

A Simpler, More Effective 360 Degree Feedback Tool

We’ve taken out the clutter that exists in other 360 assessments, and focused on what managers and other leaders actually need to make the biggest impact at their organizations.

The result is the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review: a simpler, more useful 360-degree feedback tool that inspires true leadership development.


Too many 360-degree feedback tools have the same problems:

  • The assessments take too long to complete
  • The questions have no relation to the job
  • The reports are dense and overwhelming
  • The process always ends with the same question: what now?

That's where our solution comes in.

Experience The Difference

The McQuaig 360 Leadership Review is a simpler 360-degree feedback tool that doesn’t compromise on power, a 360 that produces clear insights and inspires action. Instead of relying on a numbers-based rating scheme that doesn't take real-world experiences into account, the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review encourages leaders to do more, do less, or do the same amount of a given behaviour. By dynamically linking comments - exactly how they're written - back to core leadership competencies, it's easier to understand the context of the comments, which makes it easier to develop those skills in a real-world environment.

See the difference for yourself:

Traditional 360-Degree Feedback Tools
The McQuaig 360 Leadership Review
  • Are cumbersome to use, featuring a lengthy completion process that promotes hasty, unhelpful feedback
  • Is quick to complete, taking an average of only 12 minutes – which includes leaving comments
  • Create complex combinations of leadership competencies, leading to indecipherable results
  • Leverages the Great Eight leadership competencies, creating a wealth of insight without complicating the results
  • Rely on arbitrary, numbers-based scoring with no guarantee of relevancy to team needs, stifling growth and development
  • Offers a more understandable method for applying behavioural changes by indicating what leaders should do more of, do less of, and keep the same
  • Produce dense, convoluted reports with too much data, clouding the ability to take next steps
  • Produces a concise report that creates a clear path of action and empowers leaders to hone their skills
  • Act as standalone sources of information, without any relation to other sectors of employee development
  • Integrates with the McQuaig Word Survey®, offering a much more comprehensive picture of what’s going on and why


Stop wasting your time with complex, overwhelming 360-degree surveys and reports. Let the McQuaig 360 Leadership Review be your guide to clearer, more actionable insights.

" The results were spot on and easy to read. The assessments guided us in the discussions and was a good tool that prompted much conversation about what they already knew, and helped them to think through what the plan should be to improve in the areas needed. "

Toni Pierce, American SpiralWeld