The Quick Guide to Remote Candidate Experience

Don't let your candidate experience suffer just because you have to hire from a distance. Learn how to provide a positive experience that will impress your job seekers and improve your hiring process.

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Candidate experience still matters in a remote world

Just because you might be recruiting and interviewing through a screen doesn't mean you should forget about candidate experience. How your job seekers interact with you during the talent acquisition process can impact your offer acceptance rates, the quality of your workforce, and your employer brand. With so much riding on how you treat candidates, it pays to think ahead and consider your applicants at every stage from sourcing to interviewing to making your final hiring decision.  

Within this eBook you'll find:  

Stats and numbers

Start with some current stats on candidate experience to see where the disconnect is between candidates and employers

Remote strategies

Leverage 13 strategies to help improve your candidate experience and give job seekers a real chance to show off their skills

Success at every stage

Learn what needs to change at the planning stage, interviewing stage, and offer stage to give your candidate experience a boost

When you prioritize candidate experience you send a strong message to your job seekers that their time and effort matters. Show them why they should want to work for your company and what they can expect if they are successful in receiving an offer. Improving your approach to candidate experience will not only improve the effectiveness of your overall hiring process, but will also help set you up as an employer of choice. 

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