The Quick Guide to Remote Team Effectiveness

Helping your team stay connected is a challenge at the best of times, but what can do you when your team members are remote? Download this guide to explore new ways to improve team cohesion and support interpersonal understanding, even at a distance.

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Keep teams connected in a virtual environment

When the world jumped to remote work, it posed a unique challenge for teams. How can you keep everyone together when they're physically apart? Maintaining team cohesion and a culture of empathy and support from a distance is no easy task but it's not impossible when you know the right strategies to use. By considering leadership approaches, communication style, interpersonal differences, and more you can strengthen the bonds between teammates and improve the overall effectiveness of your team wherever they need to work.

Within this eBook you'll find:  

Stats and numbers

Explore current research on teams and collaboration to improve your own management approach

Tactics to try

Learn about 8 different strategies you can use to keep your team on-track and working productively 

Learn and development

Learn about McQuaig's own team effectiveness workshop and how assessments can help teams grow

Don't let distance derail your team. Get ahead of productivity slumps by investing in your people and strengthening the interpersonal relationships that contribute to the dynamics of the group. When you give your employees the opportunities to learn more about themselves and each other, they are able to work more effectively as a team both in and out of the office.

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