McQuaig Reducing Turnover

The Quick Guide to Reducing Turnover

If you’ve ever experienced a high turnover rate, you know that its effects can wreak havoc on your organization’s productivity. Company morale goes down, and it becomes more likely that additional employees may leave. Yes, high employee turnover can cause a lot of headaches – but there’s hope. And it starts before your employees are even hired.

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Find great employees and keep them long term

Hiring takes a lot of time and effort so you don't want your new employees walking out the door within months of accepting an offer, sending you back to square one. While some turnover is an unavoidable fact of doing business, there are strategies you can implement to increase long term retention at your company. 

Within this eBook you'll find:

Why are people leaving?

What drives turnover? What the contributing factors you need to keep an eye on?

Tips and tricks

Explore 10 effectively strategies to reduce turnover and tips on how to hire better in future

Red flags to watch for

Learn the 3 phases of an employee's career where they are most susceptible to turnover and what you can do about it

From hiring, to development, to planning for the future, use these strategies to protect your amazing team and keep your employees happy and committed.

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