Building The Business Case For Talent Assessments

Use this guide to calculate the cost savings of reduced employee turnover, improved employee performance and more using personality assessments.

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How do personality assessments benefit my bottom line?

Research has shown that personality assessments (also known as talent assessments or pre-employment testing) can lower the cost-per-hire, improve employee retention and engagement, and raise productivity. But how do you analyze these cost reductions in a way that’s meaningful and specific to your company?

This free eBook helps to answer that question, and includes the steps you need to calculate how much your organization will save by using personality assessments. In addition to analyzing cost savings, you’ll also learn how to build a business case for personality assessments, which can be presented to senior management.

A definitive guide to measuring the value of talent assessments:


• Cost-per-hire

• Employee turnover

• Productivity

• Profit-per-employee

• Customer retention

• Employee engagement


This guide includes step-by-step calculations and easy-to-follow examples. Analyze your ROI in a way that’s easy to understand.


See for yourself the savings and the organizational improvements that talent assessments can deliver. Prove to management how your initiative can benefit company culture & bottom line.

Prove the value of talent assessments. Build a business case that demonstrates real, bottom-line results!

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