Sheridan Nurseries Doubles in Size

Sheridan Nurseries taps into McQuaig for 10+ years to grow their business. Find out how by downloading the case study.







Discover how a 100 year old family run business used McQuaig to compete with big box stores.

Here is how The McQuaig Institute has been a valued partner during that time, helping Sheridan understand and harness the people side of their business to drive growth. 

Download the complete case study to learn how McQuaig is helping companies of all sizes achieve real results.

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Outstanding Results

"We have had luck with managers who have a McQuaig Specialist profile. They have been good enablerfor high potential assistant managers who have gone on to run their own stores."

In addition to making sure that candidates have the right stuff, McQuaig has also helped smooth interpersonal dynamics within the retail operations.

Attracting and retaining talent starts with making sure that all hires are a good fit for the job and for the company.


"  Establishing the right fit is critical and McQuaig has been very helpful in that regard "

Karl Stensson, President, Sheridan Nurseries