The Ultimate Guide To Succession Planning

Discover a four-step guide to developing and executing an effective succession plan to prepare your company for the future

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A four step guide to effective succession planning

Whether you're looking for an exit strategy for a small business or filling your executive pipeline for a larger one, succession planning is key to achieving your goal. This guide illustrates the difference between succession planning and replacement planning, and lays out a proven 4-step process that you can use to develop a succession plan for your company.

Inside this guide, you'll find tips for:

• Determining job requirements

• Identifying high potentials

• Conducting a gap analysis

• Executing a development plan 

Use this guide to develop a succession plan that:

Determines an organization’s need for current roles. Discover future roles that may not be clearly defined.

Objectively assesses internal and external candidates to fill these roles. Find the right match.

Reveals where gaps exist, in order to ask deeper questions. Determine areas for development and improvement.

Follow the four steps outlined in this guide and you'll have a fully developed, executable succession plan that your organization can be confident in.

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