Hire, develop & retain your employees long term with McQuaig’s talent assessment solutions

With over 50 years of experience, McQuaig assessments shed light on the most important areas of talent acquisition and employee development to help companies find the right person for the right role on their first try

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McQuaig assessments support a comprehensive talent management strategy allowing companies to:

Evaluate candidates’ true potential

Use assessments to gain a deeper level of insight into a candidate’s personality, cognitive, and behavioural attributes

Take the cost of uncertainty and bias out of the hiring process

McQuaig combats the risk of making a hiring mistake by probing candidate’s true potential

Align candidates with organizational fit

Reduce turnover by identifying candidates who will embrace and exemplify your culture before they’re even hired

Develop employees and invest in their careers

Support continuous learning and employee development focusing on personal insight and leadership growth


Actionable Insights

Generate easy-to-understand reports in seconds without requiring any special certification or psychology training. McQuaig reports are designed to be clear and concise while also providing insight into a potential new hire's developmental or asset areas, sales styles, work style, leadership abilities, coaching guidelines, and more. Learn who your candidate truly is before you make your final hiring decision. 

Benchmark a role

Build a benchmark for a position before you hire to guide the hiring process and assess whether potential candidates are a match to your profile

Explore temperament

Explore a candidate’s temperament to learn more about key traits like competitiveness, empathy, analytical thinking, sense of urgency and determination

Test cognitive ability

Assess a candidate’s cognitive ability to gain a better sense of their math and verbal fluency while also probing their analytical thinking, spatial reasoning, and comprehension

Strengthen leaders

Develop stronger leaders with 360-degree feedback about real-world behaviours in order to help leaders learn where their strengths and weaknesses lie

Empower employees

Allow employees to take charge of their own development with assessment tools that can be leveraged individually to create unique growth paths

Build better teams

Improve team effectiveness by increasing employees’ awareness of self and others to help teams better understand each other and develop healthier team dynamics

Dedicated customer support

Access knowledgeable customer support anytime you need it to ensure you’re getting the most out of your assessment tools. From usage tips, to troubleshooting, to help with candidate analysis, McQuaig’s customer support is always standing by to assist.

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