Building The Business Case For Talent Assessments

Discover a step-by-step guide to building a business case for adding an assessment component to your talent acquisition process. 

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Calculate your return to see if they're right for you

Research has shown that pre-employment assessments improve hiring and employee development outcomes. They lower cost-per-hire, increase retention, and raise productivity. But how do you calculate what your return on investment will be?

When looking to get approval for any initiative, senior management is looking for you to tell them how much it will cost and how much of that cost will be recouped. 

This guide walks you through how to calculate the return on investment you can achieve in order to build the business case for assessments in your organization. It includes examples and easy-to-follow steps for calculating your own return.

Whether you're building a case to show management real dollar returns assessments will deliver, or just want to see for yourself, with this guide you'll be able to calculate returns for:

     •  Cost-per-hire
     •  Employee turnover
     •  Productivity
     •  Profit-per-employee
     •  Customer retention
     •  Employee engagement

Build a business case that demonstrates real, bottom-line results!