McQuaig Team Effectiveness Workshop

What makes a new team gel? Or turns a dysfunctional team into a productive one? Learn the secret to team effectiveness in our virtual half-day workshop.

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Improve team effectiveness to increase team performance

Keeping a team together can be a challenge, especially if they're working remotely. The McQuaig Team Effectiveness Workshop aims to bridge that divide by helping team members learn more about themselves and their colleagues.

During the workshop, your team will explore each team member's unique personality traits along with an analysis of the team's overall personality composition. This will allow you to better leverage teammate's strengths, manage group weaknesses, and develop strategies to support each other long-term. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to turn teams into a positive, cohesive unit with a strong understanding of their interpersonal connections.

The learning goals of this workshop include:


Explore the key components of effective teams and what that means for team structure


Discover the personality styles of yourself and your team to see how they can best work together


Learn how your team's composition of personalities affects your work behaviours


Identify key areas of strength on the team to highlight what skill sets and knowledge are available for sharing


Identify key areas of weakness on the team to highlight skills gaps and get ahead of potential challenges

Future planning

Develop personal action plans and build team strategies to improve relationships and strengthen results going forward

The McQuaig Team Effectiveness Workshop is built upon our scientifically-validated tools and assessment methods, used for the past 50 years by thousands of companies around the world. Contact us today to learn how the workshop can help your team grow stronger and become more productive. Don't just treat others how you want to be treated. Embrace the Platinum Rule and learn how to treat your teammates in the way that works best for them. 

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