Using assessment tools is

easier than you think



Don't be afraid of the big, bad test. Implementing a personality assessment tool doesn’t have to be scary.
Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Test? A McQuaig eBook

How do I ensure my assessment tools deliver results?

There’s a myth that hiring with assessment tools is challenging, which scares some people away from using them. But a recent survey discovered that organizations who use assessments enjoyed:

  • a 75% decrease in year-over-year hiring costs
  • a 250% greater year-over-year increase in profit per full-time equivalent

But not all assessment tools are created equal. So how do you make sure you’re choosing a solution that’s going to deliver value?

This eBook covers the most important elements that any high-quality assessment tool should offer, and includes tips on how to demonstrate these crucial features to hiring managers and decision makers. Once you’ve found the right tool, the only thing scary will be wondering why you didn’t start using it sooner.

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The right assessment tool will allow you to…

Tie it together

Choose an assessment tool that ties candidates’ personality traits back to a job profile. Compare against benchmarks to find the right fit.

See it clearly

The right assessment tool will be easy to understand, definitive in language, and won’t take long to complete or interpret.

Get buy-in

Involve stakeholders and decision makers in the process so everyone understands and trusts the results. Make decisions confidently.


" Personality assessments have played a key role in helping us to achieve 90% reduction in staff turnover in a 9 month period. "

J. Wilson, Personality Assessment User